Thursday, 14 May 2015

Green in Greenhouse

Lots of sprouting happening in the greenhouse...

Just about everything is doing its duty and germinating.  It's always gratifying when this happens.

We have a healthy population of wild turkeys here in the Ottawa Valley. They are welcomed for the most part because they eat a lot of insects.  At this time of year, the toms are displaying and it is quite the sight.  I was happy to take these photos at Daughter's.

This one was strutting around looking so literally puffed up, if it wasn't so beautiful, would be foolish.

Meanwhile the females were busy looking for food; as far as I could see, heedless of his efforts.

A week later I spied this little fellow below, a ground hog, foraging in the same area. Just can't believe what a difference a week made to the greening of the lawn.  Amazing.

This is the same back yard where I spied the fox so their house came with a zoo, though they didn't know that when they bought there two years ago.

Meanwhile back at our house, I am so happy to see the rose-breasted grosbeak back.  We had a pair last year that visited our feeder regularly and later this same evening I spied a female also at this feeder.  Could it be the same pair?  I must research again how long these birds live and would they return to the very same house.  Sorry for the poor photo quality but this was taken through the living room window.

No cross stitching today; my eyes feel a bit tired for the counting.  Instead I am having some quiet time with a bit of a rest and a read.

These I picked up at the library but I am fortunate Hubby figured out how to make the Ottawa Public Library's connection to Zinio, the world's largest online newstand, so I can read magazines online now if I've a mind to.