Monday, 4 May 2015

Life Is Short...Eat Cake

A brand new baby princess made me think about birthday cake and wonder what kind of cakes the Royals enjoy for their special days.  I already know what the Queen likes...chocolate and she's requested the same chocolate cake for her birthday for over 80 years.  You might be interested in reading the recipe FOR THE QUEEN'S FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE CAKE HERE.  I've never tried making it but you would think with a Royal chef using it, it ought to be good.

I love cake; I think of it as just the happiest of desserts. I wanted to show you a couple of cakes that I've found around the net that I  thought were a lot of fun.  I'm missing making one right now as Hubby's ban on desserts is holding.

 This first holds a surprise inside.
Made by Sally at Sally's Baking Addiction, a very slick blog with good baking happening, I think you will like it.

How to Make a Piñata Cake-- does it get ANY better than this? From scratch recipe on

Yes, my goodness, a pinata Cake as it were, with goodies hidden within.  Sally gives the recipe and directions to make this special cake.  I imagine kids would love it and I know a certain grownup who would love anything chocolate tucked in there.
Of course, this has become a 'thing' now and these cakes are called Peekaboo Cakes with all manner of goodies hidden inside. You can find instructions all over the net on how  to tailor your cake to each of the special occasions or tastes.

Another unique cake and one I want to try  is this one.


It is Hector's version of Rose Levy Beranbaum's cake, Cran Raspberry Upside Down Cake featured in her book The Baking Bible.  The link to the post from Rose's blog, Real Baking With Rose, is HERE . It was made as a Christmas cake with cranberries on the bottom.  At home we could use partridgeberries instead.  This cake has caramel placed in the bottom of the pan before baking so the cranberries need no other sugar.  I love any combination of fruit and cake and I can picture many fruits that would be equally tasty. I have filed this one and I know I can get The Baking Bible from the library.

I just had to show you this top cake true to any stitcher's dream.  Buttons, fabric and more fabric (just the way it is in life for any never have too much fabric) and with the little Singer sitting on top, it is a beauty of a cake.
And the bottom much more realistic Singer cake; what a fantastic tribute to 'Nanny' and look at the marvellous age she has attained!  See, sewing is good for you.

In this post Cake Boss era, cakes are just fancier and more elaborate all the time.  Some are so large, fantastically decorated and awe-inspiring, they are completely OTT, over the top, which is the whole idea, I guess.
But sometimes  I wonder how they actually taste loaded down as they are with all that fondant and marzipan.
Some of the shows featuring teams in cake decorating contests are fun to watch.  So much drama over getting multiple layers to stay is just the kind of t.v. viewing for a certain mood and I too find myself getting drawn in sometimes.