Friday, 15 May 2015

Ten Things My Ideal World Would Have

Some people wish that things could go back to the way they used to be; I would only want that if I cherry pick what I could have from the past.  For instance, smoking in elevators, no thanks, or animals kept in concrete cages at zoos, no way.  But believing in Santa still, sure.

As it is, in the here and now of my life, these 10 things would be good ....

1. I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with no thought whatsoever about vanilla pudding thighs.

2. I wouldn't have to worry about having reading glasses stashed in every corner of the house because I am blind for close up things without them.

3. I wouldn't hear another news item (because it no longer exists) about some abuse, misuse or neglect of women and children. I'm sick of it.

4. I wouldn't hear another story about animal abuse; sickens me too.

5. I would enjoy the outdoors like I did as a kid; no worry about sunscreen, tick bites, or West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes.

6. I would have both my grandmothers back and take copious notes on all their cooking, rug hooking and stitching.

7. I would have one room in my house devoted to William Morris...there would be William Morris wall paper, cushions, quilts, rugs, and a big easy chair upholstered in William Morris fabric to sit in and read.

8. My dogs would live as long as I do.

9. I would have an indoor swimming pool.  Swimming daily is the only thing that tames these wobbly thighs of mine.

10. Blueberries would taste like they did when I would pick them as a kid.  Warmed by the sun and so much delicious blueberry taste.

Of course, an ideal world, it goes without having to say would have all the other 'big' things too...

Long life for all my loved ones, peaceful times and healthy food for all, someone or something to comfort in sorrowful times, pretty things in everyone's life, etc., etc.

Does your ideal world include any that are in mine?