Monday, 1 June 2015

Being Away Is

Being away is...

A rare chance to stay in hotels, which I did for the last five days.

I love hotels; I love pretty much everything about them.  I especially like ones that have a comfy place to sit near the lobby to watch people go by and perhaps sip a cappuccino.

In the hotel room, Grandson letting me know I look okay in this photo

The beds make sleeping without your home pillows (which you'd think you would hate) no problem; in fact, they have a spa comfort that is so enjoyable.  The chance that I could have all white bedding at home is nil.

I love the room service.  Waking to a pot of coffee and morning papers or having a bagel with lox delivered to your door any time day or night seems like a very civilized way to live.

Having a room with a view...from the 24th floor, Toronto's Yonge Street looked phenomenal.  The lights from all the surrounding high rises made each night look magical.

The awesome showers; I guess these must be researched so that the water streams are especially soothing. And I mustn't forget the pristine white towels, that I had nothing to do with washing or folding.

Everyone you meet are in good moods.  They are on holidays or get aways or conventions.  In the elevator I saw plenty of people heading to the gym or pool, carrying shopping bags or cameras and maps.  Fun stuff.

I can kind of understand why so many famous people chose to live out their lives in hotels.  Omar Sharif, Tennessee Williams, Richard Harris are just a few.  Closer to my home, the famous portrait photographer, Karsh, lived in Ottawa's Chateau Laurier for eighteen years.

Chateau Laurier

                                                               Imagine calling this home?