Monday, 29 June 2015

5 Really Really Neat Gifts

I love the new princess name.  It was one I had considered for my own little women and I had thought of it maybe for the same reason as the royals (imagine that!).  Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles and that was the name of the grandfather I lost in the Second World War and also my father-in-law.  I love the idea of having names that make connections between the generations of a family.
Princess Charlotte Mug

This mug is available to buy at The Fairy Tale Girl if she has not already sold out.

Green Tea Oreos

How about oreos infused with green tea?  Oreo Matcha Soft Cookies from Japan are making these and the reviews are good.  Also if you think you'd like a concrete iphone case this is the place to get it.  Awesome Stuff To Buy features the sensible to the scary in products for you.

 diamond candles

This is really neat.  It is called the Diamond Candle.  The candles cost $24.95 and each contains a ring that is worth between $10 and $5000.  I guess there would be a lot of excitement burning this down to find out what kind of ring you have.  You can buy it at The Business Insider.

Bubble Pop Calendar

I know people who love popping bubble wrap; my mother is one of them and loves telling the story about the time her granddaughter's husband showed up at her door with  a huge roll of bubble wrap just for her to indulge her popping.
 This gift is a calendar where you pop a bubble for each day.  I wonder if you could stop at just one though.
You can check it out at Cool Things Addict.

This photo below was posted on 18 of the Greatest Gifts Ever Given by Jeff Wysaski, the link is  HERE if you'd like a chuckle; some of the gifts are funny.

And I"ve shown you my Sari Bag Daughter gave me a few years ago which I had loved bald just like the rabbit in The Velveteen Rabbit.  Here it is and I got more compliments on this bag than all my other bags put together.  

Well I just found a site where I can get a replacement.  Uncommon Goods offers a variety of items made from recycled saris like the bag below.  They have an interesting collection of items overall and I just browsed their online catalogue and decided to sign up for emails from them.  Neat and unusual.

If you are like me, you like to buy just the right gift for someone; having the internet has made that goal more of a reality. In my next life I'd love to be one of those secret shoppers, someone charged with sussing out just the right gifts for people.  What a job!