Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Me and The Very Old Oak Tree

Things are blooming and growing.

                                    A couple of bunches of Shasta Daisies grown from seeds.

Hubby took a picture of me standing under the oak tree; that white figure is me.  The only time I've ever looked tiny!  I'm 5' 6" so just look at the height of this very old oak tree. It grows to the left of the house on the front lawn and the home of the original pioneers was just to the right of it. I never see an acorn from it because the chipmunks and squirrels raid them.  I imagine this beautiful oak has enabled many generations of those furry fellows to survive.  

Indoors, the African violets are doing well and have been blooming continuously for many months.  However, the solid pink one looks like it's about ready to take a rest.  It took a little readjusting to find the 'right' window for them.  The big bow window was too bright but like Goldilocks, the skinny side window was just right.  

A bouquet of wild flowers...oxeye daisies and sunspots.  I love to keep a bouquet going of whatever is in bloom.  Sadly some of the prettiest wildflowers don't have any "last" to them, fade almost as soon as picked, but these daisies do well.
I'm equally pleased with the coleus which was just a tiny sprig when I started it.  I like how I can see it grow these days with all the long hours of light.

Last Saturday was a sunny day with just a little breeze...perfect June weather for a line of bed clothes.

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."

                                                                                                         L.M. Montgomery
                                                                                                         Anne of Green Gables

Hmmm, yes I wonder.