Tuesday, 23 June 2015

That Feeling You Get When You Finish a Project

Finished, pressed and filed away.

It was pure enjoyment to work on this design.  The counting was not nearly as hard on my eyes as I thought. This project is classified as Intermediate level but I think the only thing challenging about it was keeping all the threads of similar colour separate.  Setting up the strands on their own needles was a big help.  And it is the graduations in colour so necessary to give the picture its depth.
 I started this in late February and noticed as we moved into spring and summer the extra light, brighter and longer, helped with the counting.  I need to take advantage of this as my season for cross stitching. 

Now Wren and Magnolia has joined one of my groups of finished stitched projects.  Hung away is what I should have said at the start. 

I have several of these groups of finished projects.  One of these days I will get around to having them framed or sewn into cushion tops or something.
Sometimes I go through them which is fun because there is usually something I've forgotten about and rediscover.

And here are the quilt projects, mostly finished waiting patiently to be backed and properly quilted. The more organizing I do in the sewing room, the more little things I find.  Trying not to be hard on myself or guilt myself about these, .... Eeek

And can you tell me why can't I keep gardening gloves on when I'm digging in the dirt?  I start out with them on, but part way through whatever I'm doing, the gloves come off (literally). 

I actually have to use a nail brush when I come in. I guess it is a good thing I don't invest in manicures; they'd be wasted on me.