Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Me A Few Weeks Ago

This is me at the spa for Mother's Day...

The most beautiful vase of purple irises was behind me.  I oohed and ahhed over them; I love them.
In my hand, a fruity strawberry cocktail of some sort served to me by a young girl wearing a feather fascinator.   Nice.

I'm a little tired in this picture.  I can tell because my right eye droops a little and a little more when I'm tired.  It's my sad dry eye so I've been told and I use Real Tears every day to help it out.

My high forehead is resolutely marching backward.  I am starting to picture myself bald.  Perhaps head dresses will come into fashion and my concern will be moot. Think Queen Elizabeth I.  Barring that unlikely fashion scenario, I guess I could be wig searching.  They do make them so realistic these days.
But no I'm really not that concerned and it seems to be only when I look at photos of myself that I think of it.  Truthfully this has been ongoing for many decades ( my second pregnancy took a toll on my hairline for some weird reason) and I've used bangs to help it out ever since.  Ironically, it was daughter from that pregnancy who was with me and it was her hubby who treated us both to the day.

Really I am gradually shedding vanity, and what a wonderful by-product of aging that is.

 Hopefully, the shedding doesn't happen to the grooming too which I hear tell of in some older folks! 

The top I'm wearing is a gorgeous colour somewhere between blue and green; I guess it would be teal.  I've been wearing brighter colours than I ever used to.  I read somewhere that older women shouldn't be afraid of colour and I always try to do what I read the fashion stylists recommend. LOL

As the Queen apparently says, I decided to give my black pearls "an outing".  They're not real of course but did cost what was a pretty penny for me at a stall in the Byward Market.  The earnest young man selling them said they were Tahitian which I didn't believe but I let him think I did just to be kind. However, this strand does have a pretty and substantial clasp which I know to be a mark of a better necklace.

 I could talk about my nose but I think I 'll save that rather lengthy conversation for another day.

This was taken just before it was time for tea with the fancy pots and dainty cups.  The tiny sandwiches and bite-sized sweets were served on a porcelain three tier cake stand. More young women, more fascinators which I couldn't resist telling daughter in the old days used to be knitted or crocheted.  Font of knowledge that I am.

Then later on a facial with luxurious and suitable anti-aging products applied to this face.

What you can't see in this picture?  Just how grateful I am.