Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Blooming Wonders

First bouquet of the season and thankful to the early people who planted these flowering  Lilac

As you can see the Orchid is still thriving and not at all outdone by something else lovely and violet in the room.  It is a bit of a mystery just why Miss Orchid is so healthy and it is not for anything I am doing, just making sure it gets its three ice cubes a week.
  I'm sure you know I am a novice gardener and still have much to learn.  And sadly what I learn one season seems to be forgotten by the time the next summer rolls around...what a brain.

 Here is that lovely violet Lilac in the field; it is almost overgrown and you have to look hard to find it when not in bloom.  I hope whoever planted it got to enjoy it as I do.  The smell was just heavenly around it.

I just had to share this lovely tea cosy below.  Lilacs are painted often, and there are numerous cross stitch patterns available. But this little project involves embroidering lilacs.

It was made by Jenn at Jenn's Crafty World blog.  The fabric used has been cleverly matched to the pretty lilacs.

Above, one of the many rhubarb patches around the land also very old, I suspect.  But what an amazing plant...hardy, long-living and still producing decades later.

I've also mentioned in this blog about my efforts to grow lupins.  They grow wild in fields at home and make a real show of themselves while in bloom.  I tried several years to start them from seeds following various instructions; nothing worked.  I even bought young plants from a nursery and they too died.  But last year I managed to germinate three seeds and it looks like they not only survived the winter but are budding.  I'm so happy and can't wait to see actual flowers.  That's a bit of Murphy there trying to figure out what I'm finding so interesting.

Back inside, it is breakfast for lunch...Hubby's tray; that's guava jelly on the toast.  Yummy.