Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Catalogue Retail Therapy

This I will admit.  Back when it seemed for a horrible week or two that we were going to be living in cold and snow year round, I gave in to the notion of treating myself.  I guess it is what people do sometimes when they feel they are having to tolerate something they can't control. Why not treat yourself to something new or something you've been eyeing; you deserve it. Daughters call it retail therapy and I think there is something to that.  I know it brightened me to get out the mail order catalogues and have a serious look through.

Connecting Threads has been offering wonderful fabrics, quilting kits and various items for quilters for many years.  This is a very old catalogue I kept because I had an item circled in it... sort of a wish list item.

It's a wool applique kit called Oak Leaf Circle Wool Kit.  I think it's pretty and I've never tried actual wool applique. Filed in my Someday folder.

Here is  a pretty Dresdan Plate quilt kit offered in their current catalogue.  The colours are so fresh and light.

Or how about this cheery little pear wall hanging kit called Mini Canned Pears by Fig Tree Quilts.

 With 11 pages of free quilt patterns, I think the site is well worth a check out.  I've just added something to my favourites from this go round; a book on applique from Piece O' Cake designs.  The Connecting Threads catalogue is free and there is still something about getting a catalogue in the mail that I find fun.

This has nothing to do with shopping but I wanted to show you our dandelion crop this year.  The driveway is lined all the way rather prettily.  Thank goodness we are in the country so nobody complains we aren't getting rid of them.

Anyway, where was I, oh yes, about that 'winter in spring' time was when I wondered briefly if I should have a blog about food.  Like  Rebekah  at  Obsessive Sweets  gets to taste test candy bars and chocolates for her posts.  I wonder would that naturally brighten your day, any day.  BTW in reading her blog I  learned there are many kinds of KitKat bars...mint, cookies and cream, orange, royal milk tea (not sure what that is), milk coffee, and grape.  And here I was thinking all along there was just one kind- in regular or chunky size, and I only know that because it has always been my father's favourite bar.  But imagine HAVING to eat a sweet; it's for my blog, you could tell yourself, I must force myself.

The upshot was I did indulge and  I've got still more stitching things winging my way.

My last package, the Sullivan's Floss, as you know is already being pressed into service.  Have the first block mostly done on my  Hazel's quilt.  I'm really enjoying the embroidering just as I knew I would.