Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Crazy Crocheting and Turtle Speed Sewing

Feeling nostalgic-ish.  I guess in the old days they would have said maudlin which means I'm showing too much emotion in a foolish or annoying way, according to the dictionary.
You're the only one I've said this to so it can't be that annoying.  
  Sometimes it really hits me that I am far away from my basic family...mom, dad and two siblings.  Even though reminding myself I am lucky to be living near both daughters and grandsons.
 Can't have it all, I guess. Big Sigh

Meanwhile I wanted some finishes for 2015, but it's not going to happen. 

But to that end I've been crocheting like crazy to get my Granny Stripe Blanket finished and have the uncomfortable tingling in my right arm to show for it.  The blanket has become  huge and seems to have grown wider somehow since I started.  I guess the weight of all that wool has a stretching effect. I've saved three balls to crochet an edging and fear that won't be enough.
Here it is atop our king sized bed and it isn't finished yet but the wool is soon going to run out. Then I'll call it finished.

Last look at my Strawberry Thief.  Oh how I loved my time with him.

I've decided to work a border for my Hazel Project that involves more slow stitching.  I really like it and if I can ever get it finished, it will look good, I think.  It involves appliqueing these petal shapes to form a flower, hopefully mimicking the flowers throughout the embroidery.  As I said, I was inspired by Yoko Saito's lovely projects in her book, 120 Original Embroidery Designs

Chugging away on my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks.  Finished three more lately.  More slow stitching but so enjoyable.

I decided to take out the papers and give them a press before photographing and they really look much nicer.  

Here is Jenny.  12 pieces and one point that gave me grief.  I finally gave up and said you'll do!
 (But I might go back later and work a little more on it.)  Btw, one of those lost points is not really missing, the fold is hiding it. 

This is Patricia and she has 17 pieces.  No particular problems.

And lastly, Mary.  32 pieces and I like the effect of the triangles around the edge like this. I worried about them but after some adjustments, they were fine. 

This Nana has no formal babysitting this week.  Just in time to catch up on my reading.  I have four books from the library that have become available at the same time, so reading it is!