Friday, 18 December 2015

Show Me a Mall And I'm Happy Said Julia Roberts

Yesterday I was in a mall, the Bayshore to be exact.

 That is quite something for me but the lure of Christmas shopping towed me in.  And a semi crowded mall can exhibit some of the hustle and bustle that comes to mind with the countdown to the Big Day and hustle and bustle can be fun.

In reality, I had a bout of insomnia two nights running before and didn't feel in best shopping form.  For the first while, I went from store to store in a bit of a daze. All the choices seemed overwhelming and trying to absorb the sales, making mental calculations of what 30% or 40% off really means in dollars; it all seemed a bit much to my wee foggy brain.
To be truthful, all these lovely shopping malls are wasted on me now.  I spent decades of my life living in the north, in small and smallish towns with limited shopping choices.  I would sometimes yearn for a good mall to sally through.
  I'm past my shopping peak, I'm afraid.  Not really gathering and collecting much for myself anymore.  No longer working so don't need school clothes.
  It just naturally whittles down, doesn't it?
Don't I sound like an old woman just!  Blame the insomnia.
 And I did brighten up when I met back up with the family for lunch. I had fish tacos which sounds wrong but were really tasty.

                         Get the Baja Fish Tacos recipe from Food Network

Here is Rex at his most relaxed; lulled somewhat by the wood stove heat but the pesky black squirrel in the backyard is keeping him from nodding off completely.

Murphy doesn't let anything keep her from a good snooze.

And signs of Christmas are slowly creeping into the house.  

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