Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Our Bit of Country Christmas

 Our Bit of Christmas

 My tree the last few years has been a "bird" tree.  I love nature and birds in particular so it is fitting for me.  It is interesting that Hubby's mum also loved birds and I inherited a box of bird decorations from her tree.  Too bad she can't know they are being used and admired still this many years later.

                         The great Snowy Owl looks over them all, the plumed and the plain. 

 And here they are... our Father Christmas aka Santa Claus group.   It is always fun to see all the ways Good Old St. Nick is represented. 


  Several of these date from hubby's youth so many years ago and the rest represent a number of different decades of Santa offerings.  There are cloth, ceramic, porcelain, cardboard, and wooden Santas here plus several of unknown material!

 Pinterest has many, many clever patterns showing how to fashion cake layers into a Santa.  I'm sure the kids would love this one which is made up of cup cakes.  Melissa at My Cake School 
shows exactly how to make it.  

 Santa cupcake cake tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com!

 Can you imagine a Santa made out of marzipan and fondant?  I saw just that on display at a local restaurant several years ago; their chef happens to be a talented artist with food and he fashioned Santa in his sleigh and all the reindeer flying over a village.  To say it was remarkable is an understatement; I couldn't get the beauty of all the detail out of my mind. Even better was the fact that they were selling tickets on it with all money going to charity.  It could have given the famous Cake Boss a run for his money.