Thursday, 10 December 2015

Where Are You Christmas?

Christmas is really not about the day itself, is it? No matter if we mark it religiously or not.  It really is an attitude, a feeling, a wonderment and you can't be sure when it will show up.  I've been waiting for my Christmas feeling to hit me.
The weather is not helping.  Lots of rain, freezing rain and gray skies. Yesterday sunny and  9 degrees C, practically balmy for this time of year.
 For a northern girl like myself, some of the fluffy white stuff has to be here to get the Christmasy feeling started.  Snow and Christmas are synonymous in this hemisphere.  In fact where I come from no snow for Christmas is a bad omen.. Christmas means a full graveyard. Yikes!  Rather dire in its sentiment that one.

Maybe I should start a Christmas cross stitch like this design I have in my stash...

This would work up a lot faster than my last project, which is all done by the way.  This one has no colour changes and no multiple shades to contend with.  Just pretty redwork. Very Christmasy too.

Or I could be sewing more felt wool ornaments like these I made last year. Enjoyed that project so much.

Or these, I embroidered several years ago...

     I promised to show this design I found at Nordic Needle; I love the designs on his cloak.

                                   Folk Santa (cross stitch)

 This project, called Folk Santa by Jo Gatenby, is on sale now for $9.99 and you can check out the whole wonderful site Here.  Stitching this guy would definitely get you in the mood.

Here is a simplistic Santa I cross stitched about five years ago. The photo is not doing that red justice.

 I am stitching, just not Christmas stitching.
 I promised myself not to start anything else till I have my present WIP's finished up, which if anyone is counting is now three...the crochet Granny Stripe Blanket, the Hazel Summer Wildflowers Quilt, and the Farmer's Wife SAL.
 Though I have decided to work the December Farmer's Wife SAL blocks in reds as a nod to the season.
Just heard the weather snow in sight.  How strange is this!