Monday, 14 December 2015

Project Stash Assessment and My Wedding Band

Doing the morning chores here.  Just remembered to check the mouse trap in the cupboard.  Even though supposedly humane, I don't like to keep the little fellows in there any longer than necessary.  No, all clear this morning.  Not many have been caught this year so far, I think because of the warmer temperatures.  
We went shopping yesterday though shopping is a loose term for us.  Hubby has his list and doesn't deviate and actually I had mine too.  We were rather efficient in getting things ticked off in great order, to the point that we were able to make it to Kungfu Bistro for a late lunch.  I love their Hot and Sour Soup.  
One of the reasons the shopping went smoothly is that I use gift cards for so many on my list.  I resisted doing that for many years but have succumbed.  Just seems to make sense for people to pop to Indigo themselves and choose the book they want.
 How do you handle the whole gift-giving event?  Have you resorted to gift cards too?

Do you enjoy seeing what people have in their stash?

 Then there is a Youtube site for you.  It is called Floss Tube and I've just heard about it.  People video their cross stitch supplies....patterns, etc. and chat about each.  Some show their WIP's or finished projects or projects they hope to work on.  I've watched a few videos; the link to a playlist is  HERE.     

 That got me thinking about my own reserve.  So I re-evaluated my project stash on the weekend. Is there an acronym for that?
  I don't have nearly the fabrics, threads, projects or books on hand that I see fellow bloggers showing.  But I do seem to have gathered a few supplies in waiting.

This is a design I love and you can view it finished at the Crabapple Hill Studio site.

With the winter theme of Snow Days, it is an embroidery and quilting project that would definitely take me through the winter months.  It's hard to tell from this photo but there are lots of snow covered houses and trees to embroider.

 Look at all these threads...they actually excite me like blank paper or a box of brand new crayons.  What a lovely time I would have sorting them!  And the flower bouquet to cross stitch is really sweet.

I'm always interested in maple leaves as a motif.  I don't have anything made with them though I do sport maple leaves on my old ring finger every day.  The wedding band that caught my eye in the case of  an American jewelry store turned out to have a scroll of maple leaves on it. I knew right away that was the ring for me. Even the clerk was struck by how appropriate that a Canadian had spied it. 
Sorry, it doesn't photograph very well.  I love it.

But back to the cross stitch maple leaf.  It too is rather scrolly.   I think it would work up quickly and I've kept it in waiting because it would be a great little project to take travelling sometime. 

I guess the Christmas countdown is on in earnest now.
 Enjoy whatever you are up to today.