Thursday, 17 December 2015

Then There Was the Christmas...

I tried to make presents for everyone on our list.  A couple of crocheted afghans, knitted scarves, a set of hand drawn cards, a cross stitch for my father that said " Long May Your Big Jib Draw" for over his work bench, a set of placemats and matching apron for Mom, on and on it went. Piece of cake, I figured. What a great idea!

I was teaching full time with two little girls at home underfoot.  It was pure madness and I had myself in a frenzy by the time the holidays rolled around.  On Christmas Eve I had to stay in the bedroom sewing the binding on the latch hooked mat I'd made for my in-laws, the very last gift on the list.  I could hear everyone laughing and having a great time in the living room.

  The up side of that little ill timed event was at least my in-laws got some idea of how much time I'd put into their gift. I never did make it out of the bedroom that night. But they kept the mat in their living room for many years till it completely wore out so I know they appreciated it.

When that Christmas finished or whenever I spied the mat, I'd remind myself of the great idea that I would never try again. Though since retiring, I've been tempted.

I read a number of blogs where the sewists are doing just that...making their gifts.  It seems to me it must be well planned and well timed to be successful. Of course, some of these are wonderful pros with a sewing machine or the needles so it would work for them.  I love reading about their projects and I admire them so much.

Meanwhile, can you remember that long wait and the countdown to the Big Day?  I remember it for myself and then got to live it again with my children.  Joys of life.  Hope you enjoy this little video.