Monday, 1 February 2016

Me, On The Weekend, Part 1

Me on the weekend

What I watched

I think these are pups to be so playful and totally heedless of where they are, someone's back yard.

Some of what I ate

                           Blood Oranges and English Muffin with peanut butter and fig jam.

What I worked on

Set up my little acorn embroidery.  Here I just laid down some directional stitches to make sure I follow up with all the final ones heading in the same direction.  I need all the help I can get!

This is the start of the Nicola Jarvis kit Acorn I bought last May.  This kit is beautiful; the canvas is lovely and the crewel threads are Appletons. I'm always surprised when I return to working in wool.  It doesn't behave exactly like you want it to as floss will- usually.  But it gives the most wonderful dense (and forgiving) finish.  These colours are very autumnal; I almost wish I was working it in October.
At Nicola's studio link you will find the most beautiful stitcheries for sale.  I'm hoping to finish Acorn and that will 'allow' me to order another; I'm eyeing the birds in particular. Her section on Morris Inspired  pieces is worth an ogle.

What I Read

Me reading Kate Pullinger's Mistress of Nothing.  My hair is a bit of a mess. I'd just shampooed it and let it dry naturally, letting the curls have their way with my head!

Mistress of Nothing is the story of Sally, an English maidservant, and told from her point of view.  There is something about getting into the servant's mind that is actually more interesting than the Lady's. Kind of like being downstairs at Downton.
 This is very well written and interesting; happily, Kate most deservedly won the Governor General's Literary Award For Fiction for it.

I'm in front of the fire...

which in reality is just 6 feet away...looks further in this photo.

And saying to Murphy you can't want in, you just went out.  The squirrels have them bounding in and out all day long.

Tomorrow I'll share a little more of my weekend.