Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Me On The Weekend, Part 2

Another Video I Watched

This is an intriguing idea.  An 800 year old pot uncovered in an archeological  dig and what it contained.  And then what was done with that.

What an 800 Year Old Pot Contained

This pot was unearthed on the Menominee Reservation in Wisconsin, where it had laid buried for the past 800 years.

It makes you wonder what else is out there yet to be discovered.

What Else I Ate

                                            Oatmeal with Montmorency Tart Cherries

I believed in the goodness of cherries before I read about this study. the effectiveness of tart montmorency cherries in combating joint pain, a topic I am interested in.  I think anything that can positively impact inflammation in the body is a good thing.

I buy mine at Costco and these lemons are delicious too.  They are not only sweeter than usual, the peel removes just like the best oranges.  These items keep me going back to Costco despite the busy aisles.

What Else I Worked On

My Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks

From the top, this is Mary, with 30 pieces.  Then comes Blossom #2.  Do you remember Rex chewing my first Blossom?

He ate the freezer paper and we figured it was the glue that really attracted him.  Whatever, this was a write-off. I liked this block so knew I would make it again; it has 31 pieces.

 Then it is Mrs. Keller with 29 pieces and lastly, Lucy with 41 pieces.  All these blocks behaved well and presented no particular difficulty in sewing.

 I'm enjoying seeing them all together; it gives me a sense of satisfaction and an incentive to get them all done.  My stitching is improving (it had far to go)  and getting stronger.  I am not unsewing as much either so I must be learning a few things about accuracy. I love English Paper Piecing.

Something I Drooled Over

This is goldwork, a form of 3D embroidery I really admire.  I've never tried it myself but there is lots of information online and the most wonderful embroiderers using this unique method.  This little bird is available as a kit from Blue Bird Embroidery, a UK company.

They also have a collection of wonderful crewel embroidery kits.

Flower Cup

The simplicity of this is so effective and lovely.

And a Bit of a Mystery

On the trail this weekend both days
...this is the season for snow tracks and I eagerly search for them.  It is fun to discover what animal and bird life is using our trail when we aren't.
I can identify rabbits, mice and raccoons easily now as well as several different birds.

  But this one track below had me stumped.  It went on for miles it seemed and looked rather like a deer but I couldn't figure out the strong drag mark all the way along.  That was too pronounced to be made by a tail.  So I had to look to the internet.

It is the track of the white tailed deer, our most common deer around here.  I read they often drag their feet when fatigued or to conserve energy in getting through snow.  There were lots of photos exactly like mine.  Sorry the photo is not great...gray day.

So a little mystery solved.

Weekends are the best, aren't they?  Even for the retired.