Thursday, 11 February 2016

My Most Popular Posts of 2015

This is my second year of blogging and I like to look back and see which posts seemed to be the most popular.  The way this Google Blogger works, I receive an ongoing tally of certain statistics, one of which is the number of pageviews per post and those are further broken down to show the numbers for each country of the world.  Unless you comment or email me I have no idea who you are.    Though I write this particular blog for my own enjoyment and recording, you the reader is always in my mind.  It is a lot of fun to see someone in Malaysia, for example, is checking out my blog.


I reposted this one, The Warmth of Wood , about heating our house with wood.  It holds the record for the most pageviews.

This is what seven cords of wood looks like all stacked in our garage.  This is repeated each fall and is all gone by spring.  For instance, right now heading to the middle of February, we are almost to the end of the second row.


My post about cross stitching a William Morris pattern from a book I own called The Art of William Morris in Cross Stitch by Barbara Hammet did well.
   Strawberry Thief  drew a surprising amount of interest; I had no idea of the popularity of William Morris when I started talking about him.
 It's one of those times when here you are thinking you are unique or alone and then find out that actually many, many feel exactly the same way or as in this case, love the very same thing.

It's fun to revisit the very beginning of a project.  It also gave me an idea of how long this took me from start to finish.


Heaven Spelled Backwards

This post seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people.   I received some very interesting emails about it and I am still receiving the odd note about it.


Thrift Shop Finds

My thrift shop posts always draw a good response.  I guess a lot of people enjoy the hunt.  In fact, the richest person I know (money-wise) once told me that even rich people like a bargain.


Chipmunks, Cheesecake and Crochet

Though I'd like to think it was the cute chipmunks cross stitch photo or this, my crochet that drew the pageviews....

this dessert  from the wonderful Rock Recipes, Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Trifle, was probably the real draw.  Smile

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Trifle

I'm really happy that some of my needlework adventures made it into the top five unlike last year where none of them did.
 I have noticed the dessert posts always fare better than the healthier food chats.  Another smile.

So once again, the top five are widely different topics.
 I guess I'll just keep on with basically writing whatever strikes my fancy!