Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A Little Bit of Housekeeping

This post was published several weeks back but the tablet fairies deleted it for some unknown reason.  I wanted to repost so all could learn about The Needle and Thread Network.  Happy Sunday all.

Before this slips my mind completely, I need to tell you that I wrote a post on The Needle and Thread Network to introduce myself.  This is a network for people working in all areas of fibre arts and creative stitching.  My post was published on Thursday, February 18 and the link to it is Here. They offer a WIP Wednesday feature where you can see what many people around the country are working on and maybe visit their blogs.  Tons of wonderful projects.

To You From Grateful Me

I've done a lot of research on blogs and noticed it seemed hard to find Canadian stitching blogs.  I loved how easily I found so many in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  I was therefore happy when I found The Needle and Thread Network which links many Canadian stitchers.

I am so grateful to those who take the time to comment and especially to  those who send me an email when they are unable to post a comment.  I'm not sure what Google is thinking with the Google Plus system.  I don't think it is as fair as it should be.

  Anyway, your comments, advice and general sharing of stories is my added bonus to sharing mine.  I love this feeling of community that is achievable online. Just like my Facebook friends that I live far away from now, I get tremendous enjoyment from having a place to keep up.

 I know a lot of people don't find anything funny about our cold, snowy winters. But this was the big dig out after the mid-February storm.

and I just had to show you this...

Isn't it delightful.  National Geographic's Photo of the Year.

Hope there is something delightful in your day.