Friday 5 February 2016

Cross Stitch Patterns and Snowflower Diaries SAL

A Pattern I'm Looking For

I had pretty much settled on my next bigger Cross Stitch pattern.  It was to be Strawberry Fields Forever by Blackbird Designs and the second in what they called the Magical Mystery Tour series.  I loved the strawberries and I thought the Strawberry Fields would pay a tiny homage to John Lennon and a part of my early teenage years.  I also loved the colour palette they chose.

                          Strawberry Fields Forever - Cross Stitch Pattern:

Unfortunately I can't find this anywhere and Blackbird is no longer producing it. If you come across it somewhere, could you email me.  I'd really appreciate it.

The Beauty of Unique Finishes

Meanwhile, I'm visiting my blogging favourites and I have to say, there are some awesome cross stitchers out there.  What immaculate tiny stitches they can achieve.  I feel like a bull in a china shop when it comes to my stabs on cloth in comparison.
 And their, so beautiful.  Just take a look at this beauty from the wonderful Stitching Dreams.  The way this little piece is finished is perfection.

                              February Finishes:

There are numerous ways to finish these small projects, many destined to be tree ornaments.
Vonna at The Twisted Sister  generously offers a link to learn more about her finishes where she emphasizes the importance of tiny details.  I really enjoyed her video tutorial on this subject in particular.

               Tutorial on How to Turn Your Stitchery into A Pillow Ornament by The Twisted Stitcher:

I will revisit her site many times as I try to work out finishes for my Snowflowers SAL monthly designs.  I've decided to make each into a tree ornament.  I love the woodland creatures theme and it fits well with my present Christmas tree.  If there is another bird pattern in the future months, all the better.  I still want to include a few snowflakes on this one, Clever Crow and Wily Fox.
 First time stitching on 16 count and it was okay.  I chose an oatmeal colour hoping the white would stand out more.

Humour me...the geek in me that is.  Hear me out about one more fact about foxes.  They have whiskers on their legs as well as their faces that help them find their way. How that actually works, I haven't a clue. But isn't nature grand!

Me?  I'll just be finding my way to the dining/sewing room this weekend.  Drawing, ironing and cutting pieces for several more of my FWSQ blocks.

Meanwhile, hope you have no trouble finding your way this weekend.

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