Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Page Turners and The Far Less Than Perfect Pile

Page Turners

For my reading readers-

Who doesn't like a good page turner.

Check out this list of guaranteed page turners from the Oprah Website.  I've made note of several to look up later.

And included in the list was this one which a good friend had already recommended to me. Duly noted as well.

   Luckiest Girl Alive

 FWSQ News

Meanwhile back at the dining room/sewing room table...a few more of my Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks.
 Roll Call from the top... Sylvia ( still needing 16 tiny appliqued pieces),  Mrs. Taft, Mrs. Thomas, Tirzah, Bride and Mrs. Brown.

Huffing and puffing along with these.  The original pattern needed reversing on not one but two and  I've forgotten which that was.  But that required a redrawing and pasting and sewing of several pieces in each.

Below,both Mrs. Thomas and Tirzah have been relegated to the far less than perfect pile.  I'm sad they didn't turn out as I liked both the patterns very much and I might try them again from scratch sometime.  I also didn't like the cross hatching that showed up when the blue material was used twice in each quarter.  It wasn't till I saw the photos that that was apparent.
  Funny how the camera shows things to me my eyes don't. Does that just happen to me???

I am starting to forget which blocks I've shown you.
 They are off the design tablecloth and sitting in one of Hubby's old biscuit tins.  I counted them the other day and I had 50 which prompted me to rethink the project.
 Did I love it enough to continue?  There are an awful lot of triangles which can get a little tiresome.  Anyway, I've decided to proceed to try for a mark of 75 completed blocks all correct enough to make them worthy of stitching together.  This is because I am loving the process even if I'm not that fussy about some of the patterns.