Friday, 12 February 2016

Nothing on Needles-Yet and Let There Be Better Light

I am ready for a wooly project...something on needles or hook.  I was really drawn to Jane Brocket's hexagon blanket I showed you a while back.
  I read she had used Biggan's Studio wool for that particular project.  Of course, I had to check that out.  An Australian company who specialize in pure merino yarns, their product looks so beautiful.  Following the photo Jane had provided I chose a selection of 8 ply wool; not the same as having the chance to stroke it before purchasing, but I trust all the reviews.

Now to learn a basic crocheted hexagon pattern with a flower like center.  It seems I'm always in a learning mode, but that's okay.  As long as the process keeps those brain cells swishy and talking to each other, I'm good with it.

 This is a lovely project Claire at SweetHomeBody made and she generously offers the instructions for completing a hexagon.  This is exactly the hexagon I want to make but with a few more rows added to make it larger. So pretty and I love her choice of colours.


 After talking about this to you several times before, I finally purchased a special light for needlework.  I've threatened to do this for many years but truthfully, my little Ikea $15 lamp seemed okay.  I kept hearing about Ott lights on various blogs and did a little research.  Turns out I could buy one right in the Canadian Tire here in Ottawa and that seemed the only place I could find it.  The price for the basic floor model they had was $40 more than the one I found online at And this one has several interesting features...a clip stand to hold patterns, a magnifier to enlarge said patterns, but most usefully, the ability to collapse and use as a table model if the floor isn't suitable.  It has only just arrived and I've had one evening  to test out its outstanding feature for stitchers...the light provides the closest thing to natural light and promises easing of eye strain.

Hubby laughed when he saw me sitting there with all the bits stretched around me.  He said I looked like I was trapped.  Between the magnifier and the light,which is quite strong, I think I could ably perform micro-surgery, never mind sewing. lol

With our winters and long hours of dim light, I think this will work out to be a very useful addition to my hobby enjoyment. Also good to help remove splinters which happens several times a winter with handling wood for the stove.

I worked this FWSQ block again. Daffodil #2

 You can read The Post where I told you how Poor Daffodil would not pull together; then I read there were mistakes in the pattern.  I returned to see if I could work it out and I do have some semblance of a daffodil but it isn't quite beautiful like the real thing.  It was nice to take a break from all the half square triangles, though.

Hope there is lots of light in your life this weekend.