Thursday, 12 May 2016

Are Muffin Tops Contagious?

Are Muffin Tops Contagious?

Warning: Me blathering on about food and my weird love handles!

I know I sound like I am concerned about my weight sometimes all the time. I wear the same size clothes I have worn for over three decades now.  But I know something has changed.  It seems like some weight has shifted downwards and I'm carrying it around my lower middle.  When I'm sitting, my elbows are touching a roll around my waist.  I know I never had that before.
 I realize I'm doing two things with food and eating that I never did before.

 1. Eating too fast.
I read where a famous actress once said, when food is starting to taste really good, that is when she pushes herself away from the table.  Now for me that is when I want to dig in.  I feel like I want to gobble it all up like I'm in a pie eating contest or something.  I don't understand why I gobble food.  I'm not sitting at a boarding house table where you have to fight for the food; I'm usually sitting with my own tray in front of the t.v. with the meal I've picked up for myself sitting on it.  I've not been stingy with myself I assure you so why the big rush.
I can't explain this but recently I started to burp more and made the connection to eating too fast.  I feel a little foolish for inflicting this on excuse.

2. Not controlling portion size
When I've cooked something good, I want to eat lots of it.  I just can't seem satisfied with the kind of portions I know I should be happy with.  The half cup of this or small square of that. What's wrong with me???

And I'm going to add a third thing.  Do you ever eat even though you aren't hungry?  It seems I take that notion a step further.  I eat even when I feel full.  That is awful to admit and I have no explanation why I would do that.  Baffled, totally baffled.

Greed, I guess it's just pure greed.

Truthfully, I'm a little disappointed in myself.  I have the notion that after a lifetime of practicing healthy eating I'd have this licked.  That it all would be second nature and not need any more constant attending.

Because it all can get a little tiresome.  The always eating with a mind to health, the sorting out of the research, the sussing out good food, the denial of eating that donut or that cake or all gets weary.   And now I know I have to be extra vigilant about portions and eating speed.

Body Maintenance

It just never ends.

But then I think I'm lucky to have this body; I'm lucky to have a healthy uncomplicated appetite.
 And I'm just plain lucky to have this worry about too much food. Half the world would love to have this problem  Then I feel a bit guilty.

So it goes.