Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Of Birds, Thankfulness, and British Sewing

Are you watching The Great British Sewing Bee ?

I'm enjoying whatever episodes I can find on Youtube.  Another one of those addictive shows.  I find I get drawn in as I get to know the contestants.
I'm bad enough sewing for myself in my dining/sewing room; I just can't imagine sewing under pressure on camera with judges and the world watching.  I'd probably stroke.

Last Thursday after Hubby's medical appointment, we went to a Thai restaurant for lunch.  I always want him to celebrate the happy results of these follow-up appointments. We are so thankful he is continuing to be well!

Here is a selection from our Thai dinner for two.  We added hot and sour soup and wound up with enough taken away for lunch the next day.  The yellow curry dish was especially delicious. I even love their green tea.

I include this photo of the red winged blackbird to not just show him.  This was taken last Thursday and it seems the front lawn turned this green in about 24 hours.  It is remarkable.

I have never snapped this lovely bird in flight so you can see the vibrant shoulder markings.  So here is a beautiful photo from Corey Hayes on Flicker. Lots of birds, mammals and insects to view on His page.

  I have increasing numbers of this particular bird visiting the feeders to pick a sunflower seed or two.

 A robin has seen fit to build her nest in son in law's barbeque on their back deck.  It's sitting on the propane tank inside.  She now has laid eggs and is sitting on them.  So far, unperturbed by the comings and goings of people on the deck; however the family are being quieter and won't use their barbeque till she is done.  Isn't nature grand!