Friday, 20 May 2016

Warmth Where Are You and Me on Mother's Day

Spring for us is just the most welcome season.
 If only the warmth that the odd warm day promises could hold.  But the breezes are so cold the other days and the night times have been cooling enough to warrant frost warnings. However, the weather man has said this weekend will be a warm one with plus 20 C for the next three days.  Hallelujah!

There are wide swaths of lily of the valley all around the house perimeter, much noticed because they are an early bloomer. They are usually bloomed and gone by this time most springs, but this year are just budding.

There are hostas galore here, all sprouting at the same time it seems.

Here I am on Mother's Day.  I had just gotten ready to go and took a photo with my Farmer's Wife blocks.  That has been seriously neglected lately.  Appointments seem to have taken up my spare days lately, the ones I get to quilt I mean.

A little colour inside the house.  Here is a set of fabrics from Keepsake Quilting called Red is the New Neutral.  I have an idea for them but won't tell you.  You know I've already several projects lined up in the queue and to speak of yet another one is crazy.
  It seems my camera never captures just how pretty the patterns are or the depth of the colours.

Quilting is definitely on my agenda for this long weekend.  Also some sorting and spring organizing both of which are sorely needed.

Hope you will have some stitching moments in your weekend too!