Monday, 30 May 2016

Monday's Meandering

Are you watching the  Washington DC eaglets?  I think I gave you a link before.  I am a little addicted and check in with them a couple times a day.  They are large now, spending time branching which just means hopping around on the branches holding the nest but it does mean flying away is getting closer..
Here is the LINK again.. I've read the open chat each day and have learned so much about eaglets.  There is always an eagle expert moderating each days' conversation who answers all the questions.  Of the two eaglets one is noticeably more assertive and it is the female.

Hubby discovered this ground nest by accident.  He cut across the field to the laneway on the 4 wheeler and frightened the mother, a turkey.  She flew off the nest and didn't return.  About a week later we watched a turkey walk up our laneway and walk in and out of the grass on the the left.  We think it was the mother looking for the nest, but she never did go to where it was.  I don't know much about turkey mamas but this one wasn't very attentive and her nest wasn't much of a nest and had no coverage.  Maybe a novice mother.

Another day we saw this little nest tucked in the grass on the ground.  Murphy actually sniffed it out.  One of the eggs had been broken and I watched, but no bird returned to it.  Makes you wonder how these ground nests make viable sites.

We had to go to a downtown hospital for one of Hubby's tests and this tree caught my eye.  Beautiful homes in this area but look how close together they are.  I've been spoiled living in the country!

Those reading regularly know that I have slipitis...a fear of slipping and falling.  This was in the waiting room and I had to smile.  See even the experts recognize this is a serious problem.  There's my age group well represented on the cover!

I spied this cardinal sitting on a wire at a busy intersection.  Amid all the traffic sounds there it was, calmly singing its beautiful song.  I looked up how cardinals fare in cities and read they are one bird benefiting from  the growth of cities; they are good at sussing out backyard feeders and parks.  Both parents rear the young which also must increase the survival chances of their offspring.

It is the state bird of no less than seven states in the U.S.!

Meanwhile, I hope all my American friends are having a good Memorial Day.