Thursday, 5 May 2016

Friendly Fabric and Other Things

I've had a few more comments about the Frivols photo.  There is actually a Frivols Club being run by the Fat Quarters ShopThe Frivols Club  will mail to you a collectible tin with 42 seven inch squares of  designer fabric in each, plus the new block pattern and Moda quilt pattern.  The little quilts made are sweet.

What do you think of these prints?

A little showing of the fabric I got in the mail. This is Folk Blossoms by Connecting Threads.


My photos are a little unclear so this is the catalogue photo.

Folk Blossoms

It is an interesting mixture of large, medium and small prints and the range of colours is surprisingly large.  It all coordinates so eliminates the guessing that stash diving entails, LOL.
 Definitely an aspect  I will love when it comes to putting my next blocks together.

Cutting into them will be a 'hold your breath' moment for me, though.

 I told you I don't think my applique skills are up to my Morris book patterns.  Here is a book I have that I think I'll start with.  Inspired By Tradition by Kay MacKenzie.

A great book with 50 block choices and the fabrics I now have will definitely work  I'm looking at the bird motifs or maybe the baskets.

All About Applique is one of  Kay's online sites.  There you will find a bounty of information about applique (and other techniques) as well as lots of patterns.

Quilt Puppy is Kay's online blog where you can look at more of her other designs and books for sale.  I'm loving this one featuring teapots.

                                  Front Cover of Teapots 2 to Appliqué

Speaking of internet shopping...

This is from The Thread Gatherer Etsy Shop.  It is a magnetic needle tray which is just about the best gift for a stitcher.  I love the girl in blue dress stitching too.

Girl in Blue Dress Magnet & Needleminder. Tin Magnet. Large Bottlecap Magnet.

And Something Just to Ogle

Check out this beautiful pie.  Too beautiful to eat was my first thought about this.  It is from Vittorio Cambria and the link to their Facebook page is HERE.  Just gorgeous, isn't it?