Thursday, 19 May 2016

Owly Stuff and Updates

Laid out all my hexagons on the sofa to see how it looks.  I have about 66 crocheted so far and no more of the Biggans Design wool.  I think I need about 100 to make an afghan big enough to drape a sofa or chair or bed.  I will have to make an order for wool soon to keep this project going.  In the meantime, I'm going to start the single crochet stitch in white wool around each block.  

A photo of a Great Grey Owl by David G. Hemmings.  Isn't it something.

Just love owls.
 At night sometimes I get to hear owl sounds.  I've been fortunate to identify both the Barred Owl and the Great Horned Owl, usually because when they start, they seem to call for very long periods of time. Long enough for me to hold the sound in my little head to look it up.

  If I were a bird, I rather think I'd be an owl.  What bird do you think of yourself as?  Or am I the only crazy soul who's even contemplated such a thing. What?  Yes...LOL


 Outstanding Owls for Applique is designed by Darcy Ashton. It comes as a quilt making booklet with patterns and directions for making 20 owl designs for wall hangings or quilts or whatever. Darcy is well known for her bunny designs in particular as well as a menagerie of animal patterns for machine or hand applique.


Here is a link to All About Applique and information about buying Darcy's beautiful booklet.

Before I leave you, a couple of before and after shots.
 This is the Coleus plant a year ago, May, 2015.

And today May 19, 2016.

This is a trailing coleus, made to spread wide.  The original was bought at Canadian Tire in a basket and Daughter had it outside on her front step.  At the end of summer, I took a piece to try to grow.  You can see my pinching on the outer stems has encouraged a lot of growth in the center.  If you didn't do that, this plant would become very leggy.  As always, this photo is not capturing the pinks and burgandys that make this such a pretty house plant despite it being mostly non-flowering.