Tuesday, 13 December 2016

5 Healthy Things I'm Trying To Do

Healthy things...

This has been on my mind lately, with the arm acting up a little and my feelings a bit low.  I just don't feel as energized in body or spirit the last week or so.  Just sort of blah.  And that is not like me at all.

Everywhere I've gone people are talking about colds and flus. Is it just around here?  Those of you in other countries...does this happen too in your cold season.  These germs just seem to be swirling around us waiting to pounce on low immunity systems.
 Just a matter of time I figure till the world experiences something like what Stephen King outlined in  The Last Stand where a respiratory catastrophe wiped out a portion of human beings.
Kidding! I don't really think it will come to that.

I've been rereading how to boost our immune systems.  Most I've read is really not new information, just reminders.  There aren't that many new things other than some debunking of the effectiveness of one thing or another.  If I knew this though I'd forgotten it-that our bone marrow is the source of immune cells.
This Article from the British Society for Immunology was an interesting read if you want a recap of bad and good things you can do to help your body fight infection.  I've never believed excessive anything including exercise would be good for you so they confirmed that for me.

Of course humour is a proven, always good for you, no matter the season.  We just love this show.  Have you seen it?  Kath and Kim, the Australian version for now, is fun, just good fun.  We watch one episode an evening and always have a laugh or two.  There is something so endearing about Kath with her eternal optimism and Sharon is so sweet but so unlucky.

                     Image result for kath and kim

I do wonder if I have been fighting off allergic symptoms...so afraid I'm developing more of an allergy to Rex's hair.  He is "blowing his coat" for the second year in a row and the hairs are just everywhere.  Some mornings there are enough that they "pool" around the furniture legs. The vacuums, up and down, have been going nonstop.  I don't allow him in our bedroom so I have one room somewhat hair free from the rest of the house.
 Poor old fellow, I can't escape him as he seems to want to be where ever I am. My hairball shadow.

Anyway, what have I been trying to do?  With a mind to a long winter facing us and the height of flu season still in front of us, I feel like I should be proactive.

Tooth Pulling

Organic coconut oil is a great one to use.  Swishing a bit around the teeth and gums and holding it for as long as I can while I make a pot of tea, or a sandwich, or whatever.  The longer the better.  It does make my mouth and gums feel smooth and silky.  There are no proven scientific benefits to doing this, none whatsoever, but it does feel nice.  I've been adding extra coconut oil to our cooking and even some in Rex's nightly kong treat.  Can't hurt, I figure.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I love vinegar so it is not a chore for me to drink more of this stuff.  I usually add a tablespoon to every glass of water I drink.  It is also tasty in tuna mixtures and a surprising number of dishes.  It is good to drink in hot water or tea with a little honey too. I've been trying to drink more water throughout the day; it's got to help with the flushing, doesn't it?

Upping our fruit intake

I keep dates and nuts on the kitchen counter and I'm lucky that our little island is higher so the dogs can't reach it.  This weekend I made another of those crisp type desserts.  I had a bag of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries combination and made us a huge fruit crisp.  I sprinkled a mixture of oats, flax seeds, walnuts, coconut and whatever else I could find over it mixed with a little real butter.
 We don't take Vitamin C tablets so we are going to have to get it in other ways.

Making a List

 I feel like my mind is just swirling with everything I need to do or want to try.  I need to start getting my thoughts in order is how I feel. List making was a comfort to me in the work world and I guess I need to get back to it. Hubby has been after me for ages to do this one thing... keep lists on my computer as opposed to on paper.
  It really is convenient and I should have done this ages ago.  Now I can get reminders about banking and library books and grocery items I need.  Plus track all Christmas buying and anything I see online I think is neat or useful.  I use my laptop a fair bit anyway and can easily check one of my lists.  Hopefully, it will ease my night time worrying about remembering things.  You'd hardly think that what I have to remember at this stage of life is all that important, but somehow it all still has a hold in my mind.  

Good Old Fresh Air

When I worked in the Far North, I was surprised the children went outside every day for recess, no matter the weather and being the Arctic, that meant cold a lot of the year.  The  nurses at the Nursing Station were adamant that the daily fresh air was vital to their good health.  Lately I've been staying inside a bit more; fewer babysitting duties and the cold weather I guess is why.
 But on Saturday I spent an hour and half outside working on the wood, splitting and loading for the house.
 And I learned to drive the Arctic Cat 4 wheeler in the process; not much of a challenge really but you do have to get used to a thumb control for speed.
 I felt so alive and wonderful when all was stowed away and I came inside.
 I felt a little rejuvenated and that night I slept like a log.

It's funny how even when we know what is good for us there is sagging of the spirit to keep doing it.  We let it slowly fade from daily practice.

Hubby, meanwhile, is healthier than he's ever been.  So we must be doing something right.