Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Quilting

I am keeping busy here at the wooden chalet.  We had a good dump of snow overnight and it is still gently falling making pretty pictures in each window.  I have been shoveling and clearing pathways for us and the dogs.  The fresh air is so good for me.

My wants, at this stage in life, far exceed my needs.  I am spoiled and I know that because I have lived in places where far, far less is available for everything.  And I have been very content living there.  I don't think many people understand the concept of 'making do' that much anymore and I guess why should they, living in the world the way it all is now.  The choices, the endless mind blowing choices with all the access. No need to want as such for anything.

So I don't feel guilty about mentioning a small machine I'd like to have.

A new bread machine...2nd year this appears on my Christmas list.  Hubby keeps thinking he will fix the old one and yes, it came with us to the new house.  My hope is fading because we have a number of things in need of fixing and Hubby is a busy man with a lot of chores.

Meanwhile On the Stitching Front

I decided I could cut out a little Christmas wall hanging.  That surely wouldn't hurt my hand.  I did some drawings of a simple tree...I had the idea it would be sort of a modern kind of thing.
 Decisions ensued. Trunk or no trunk for starters.

But first I had to draw it out and work out how big each block would be.  I did not want this to grow to be the size of the autumn hanging I made.  With borders, these things can really balloon.
I used an old greeting card to make a template and after snipping here and there, was satisfied with a pattern.

Sewed 20 of these 'trees' all the while hoping they would grow on me but I'm not loving it.  Looks too pointy or something.  I even had Hubby take a look.  He thought they looked fine but as he agreed what he knows about quilting wouldn't fill a tooth.

He thought if I sewed it together and they lined up neatly, I might like it more so I did just that but it is still isn't exciting me.

Perhaps a border would help the overall look was my next thought so more casting about for a pattern that would look okay with this modern tree look.
 I've always liked the square in a square pattern so gave that a go.  
Honestly, I like this more than the trees and liked the look of them all together. These squares are freezer paper templates and hand appliqued...very slow but enjoyable work.  I've been careful to take lots of breaks.

Sewed it together and it behaved so well for me, both the machine and the blocks and I now have another flimsy.

It is minimalist looking which is different for me but I am going to forge ahead with it.

Almost have all the slow stitching on the Shiny and Brite done, a little a day.  Can't wait to have that one finished completely!

My feelings are being corralled again; the unusual sensation of heaviness left me yesterday and I am basically fine.  I guess it is the ebb and flow of life. We are complex creatures after all, as much as I want to keep it and me all simplified.