Friday, 16 December 2016

Fresh Christmas Freebies

No vision of sugar plums in my head, but I admit I like Peeps.  Marshmallow anything is my favourite in the sweets category.  Luckily it doesn't call my name often or I'd be in trouble.

If I knew you could get Candy Cane Peeps I'd forgotten and was surprised when Daughter gave these to me. They're delicious and I've been savouring them.  Well maybe not savouring, but meting them out here and there while in the kitchen standing at the sink looking out the window.
 Marshmallow heaven.

And around here, it is Christmas when Loblaw's feature their Candy Cane ice cream which Hubby loves.  The girl at the checkout told me they sell quite a lot of it but she herself was of the opinion that peppermint and chocolate should not mix.

What do you think of Christmas candy apples?  An aunt used to make candy apples to give to the kids for Halloween.  In her town, she would have a line up of kids at her door each year.  Of course, that was before all the worries about tampering with homemade goodies began.

Tami at Nutmeg Notebook shares her recipe and procedure for making these Christmas Caramel Apples.  Don't they look yummy?


An annual Christmas treat I would make each year for all the kids was Popcorn Balls.  I've lost my original recipe but there are lots around on the net.  Popcorn is such a favourite with everyone and so economical.  You don't need a lot of expensive ingredients, mainly popcorn and corn syrup.

Taste of Home has the recipe that comes closest to the one I used to use; they call it Traditional Popcorn Balls.   For Christmas, I used to add a little red food colouring too and use wax paper to wrap them in. Nothing fancy.

                            Traditional Popcorn Balls Recipe

Enough about sweets.

Have you been looking at all the beautiful stitching for Christmas happening.
  I'm always in awe of what I see especially in light of my having trouble trying to work out a simple tree shape myself.

I found a couple of things I want to share with you.

 I've already downloaded this pattern because I think it is so cute.  The French site is called  Reve de Fil and the link is HERE. A lot of pretty cross stitching and other needlework is happening there.

                Coussinet un mouton sous la neige.  Free chart, very cute!:

The kind folks at Quilting Inspiration did a lot of searching to put together this updated collection of free patterns for table runners which are a very popular item to sew.

Some simple and others not so simple.  I'm going to look closely at those featuring trees.
Speaking of which, I hope to spend some time working on my trees and my little squares piece.
Christmas is fast approaching, but no pressure.

Hope there is no pressure and maybe something sweet in your weekend.