Friday, 2 December 2016

Three Sewing Things I Love and Other Stuff have we had fog.

 I thought I knew a bit about fog but living here has furthered my foggy education.  I just hate driving in the stuff which I've had to do lately.  The way a car emerges suddenly right in front of you is so unnerving. And I get nervous thinking about animals on the road; you'd have no chance to see a deer in such weather.  I'm slightly claustrophobic so I think fog stirs those feelings a bit in sets.a little smothering sensation tingling in my mind.
Then two days of heavy on and off rain.  The world looks a sodden mess right now with little orphaned splashes of snow here and there.

 No sign of my little chipmunk so I think he has put himself to bed for the winter.  I hope the peanuts in the shell that I sprinkled around for him are safely stored with him.

Speaking of tingling things, my right arm has been sending me the signal that I'm overusing it.  Ever since I had the problem with my right knuckle I've been very careful to favour it and the arm, but loading and stacking firewood seems to have set it off again.  I've been limiting my hand stitching to just an hour a day this week and not lifting anything heavy with my right arm.  But really, I'd have to have it taped down or in a sling to not automatically use it.  You can read my Post about what the doctor said about my hand last time.  My gosh that was that long ago!

So light on the stitching show and tell today which gives me the chance to chat about these sewing things I love.


Sorry if I'm boring you banging on about this light.  Okay this is the last time I'll mention it.
Ahh, there's a picture of it at the old place. ( I can't remember what that is I have on the sofa??)
Though it is a bit cumbersome, my special light has proven itself invaluable with the stitching projects lately.  I've not had one complaint about eyestrain since beginning to use this light.


This really works.  You can cut your strings so much quicker than using scissors.


I took a very long time to buy an updated sewing machine (I'd had a very nice one in days gone by but lost it) and had been managing with an economical just straight stitching Brother.  After a bit of research I bought myself the Singer Quantum Stylist 9600 and I'm so happy with it. It's the smartest machine I've ever can thread itself! I'm still discovering all the wonderful things it can do.

Not a thing but I'd be lost without YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos are a boon to me whether I'm crocheting, knitting or reviewing a new to me applique technique, I am sure to find it on YouTube.  I've also found it so helpful for cooking, blog applications, product reviews, music, watching t.v., etc. etc.; the list is endlesss.  Think of any topic or subject and there is a video about it.

Like this one...

Jan Patek showing how to applique a house block...who doesn't love houses.  It is such a common motif for needle workers whether in cross stitch, embroidery or fabric..  I love Jan's approach to appliqueing.  She is so easy going and down to earth; she insists that it's not rocket science so we should relax and enjoy the process.  And with  her unfussy designs you can do just that.
And YouTube brings her right into my sewing room with me.

New Sewing Things I'd Never Heard OF

I loved this article from  Sew What Alicia.  Often it seems sewing tools are rulers, so many rulers out there.  It's nice to know there are many different gadgets both practical and clever.  My cutting gizmo made it onto this list, I see.

                                        10+ Sewing Gadgets You Never Knew Existed |

What are your favourite little sewing things?  Anything I should look in to?  You know me, I need all the help I can get.

My wool has arrived so the weekend will see me catching up on crocheting- very carefully.

 Hope you have hands that aren't letting you down and something fun to be catching up on too.