Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Now I Will Wear Hot Pink And Thrift Store Finds

At the stage in life, where I can put together an outfit out of just about anything I want and don't care so much what others would think.
Are you there yet?  It is a great place to be. This is a departure for me because I've been a very rule driven, obedient, compliant person all my life. (Having a Dad who was ex-military might have had something to do with that.)

I love when I can put together pretty much a complete outfit from consignment or thrift store bargains.
Take this get up for instance. The skirt is from a thrift store...Joe Fresh with the tags still attached.  I love the vest and I consider it one of my best finds of all time.  It is Land's End, 100% goose down with a fake fur collar.  It has several inside pockets including one zippered.  Though it reads dry clean only, in the five winters I've worn it, it's been through the washing machine many times with no adverse effects.  I think I paid about $5 for it.  Here I'm wearing leggings too because it is all about layers in a wood heated home.  And Rex is my constant accessory. Nothing like real fur, LOL.

My hair is growing, but still a little wonky.

The top, while not purple like the saying "I shall wear purple", is hot pink.
 It was one of my Black Friday online purchases.  The Bay filled my mailbox with offers including this one; two Lord and Taylor long sleeved t-shirts for $35.  I bought a black and this very pink one.  They are excellent quality which is a good thing for all the washings I know they will get.
  It was hard to block out the bright light to get a good photo as overnight our world turned completely white again. Hubby figures 25 cm fell though we'd  been told 2-4 cm by Environment Canada.

In stitching news, I've been crocheting a little each day.  Enjoying all the 'yarny goodness' as Lucy at Attic 24 calls it.   Would be nice if I can finish this by Christmas.

And being careful of my right hand.  I found this little video of hand exercises to do to help combat carpel tunnel syndrome. Am I the only one having hand/arm issues with stitching/knitting/crocheting.  I haven't read about it with anyone else.
I'll do these till the feeling leaves me but then probably slack off which I really shouldn't do.

I've stitched a little bit on Shiny and Brite, about half way around the wreath now. Can I finish this by Christmas, I wonder.
And I did start another little quilting project that uses just scissors and the sewing machine so shouldn't be hard on my hand. Hope to have enough of it sewn to show you later in the week.