Sunday, 4 December 2016

Still Didn't Get To The Mall

Even the radio announcer said it- can it really be December again already.
It does seem a little unreal.  It's both wonderful and eeek at the same time.  I still have some serious shopping to get done though I have been online a bit.

But it must be December because the Christmas lights are up on Parliament Hill.  So pretty but some tax payers do complain about their money being spent on thousands of Christmas lights.

Image result for christmas lights on parliament hill 2016

But back at our place, good weather on Saturday meant a good day for getting wood.  Hubby let me use the brand new log splitter and with two of us working at it, we had a load in no time.
 You know we play act a little at living a basic life...burning wood for heat in winter.

And composting as much as we can.  Recycling and reusing as much as is possible.


But it is really just a drop in the bucket to what some folks are doing.  I watched this wonderful video about a family in northern Canada who are living entirely off the grid.  The way they are managing this is amazing.  Lots of food for thought.  I wonder how they are handling Christmas in the woods with nary a store in sight or even mail delivery for that matter.

Also on Saturday I made a large pot of pea and bean soup with the leftover ham roast.  It had to simmer most of the day for the beans to soften but wound up being tasty enough. I made us a little apple crisp using up three Golden Delicious apples to go with it as a treat for eating such a healthy meal.

Late afternoon, we had this visitor in the front yard.  Very tame it seemed as the dogs in the back yard went savage barking at him and he just kept nibbling at a bush and took his own sweet time to finally saunter off.  Here he is just watching me as I stepped out on the veranda to snap the photo.

And here are said dogs.  What a life they have.  I tease them about earning their keep, helping us out in some way, but they just ignore me.  At least Rex can claim he is doing guard duty at times, but Murphy is nothing but a pretty face.

Happy Monday! Stitching and shopping news tomorrow.