Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Bit Lazy During Turkey Week

This is Turkey Week here at the wooden house.

  It started with cooking a humongous turkey for the Christmas Day dinner and even with feeding a crowd and giving away parts, we still had a lot of turkey.
 So it was leftovers the first night; pretty much a repeat of the dinner itself. Then it was hot turkey sandwiches, then a turkey curry, which I can never say without thinking about the first Bridget Jones movie and how her mum was having her annual Turkey Curry Buffet and that's where Bridget meets her Mr. Darcy. Here's the clip and watching it again reminded me why I enjoyed that movie so much.

While I have a pot of turkey soup (finally down to the carcass!) bubbling away in the kitchen, I'm trying to write something worthy to you. End of year thoughts are usually deep ones.  Beginning of brand new year are usually hopeful, happy ones.
2016 is very much with me though almost gone in reality.  A lot happened. And some of it enough to feel discouraged by a direction so much of the world seems to be taking.

And about that, trying to keep in mind a couple of thoughts.

One There are still good people in the world.
Two It is all behaviour and behaviour can be changed.

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Here's my wish for lots of mending, healing, peacefulness in the new year.  Baby steps are good too.

happy new year 2017

From our wooden house to yours, hope 2017 is filled with good health and good times for each and every one of you.