Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hopelessly Old Fashioned and Fairy Bread

I must have been born in the wrong century.  When I look at quilt designs, I am drawn to the old fashioned ones more often than the modern, as bright and fresh as they can look.
And I also love to think of the access rural women were given to designs through local newspapers and magazines so often including quilt patterns in their pages as regular items.  I know my grandmothers cut out patterns they came across in this way as they did with recipes.  Perhaps that can account for how some patterns became almost universal in the quilt world.

Dresdan plate, now there's an old fashioned pattern.
And I just love Michelle Ridgway's Dresdan plates.  Michelle just finished co-hosting a 1 Dresdan Plate a month challenge at her blog Michelle Ridgway Designs.  A different colour each month and such pretty fabrics.  She always has such wonderful projects on the go.


I'm hopelessly old fashioned in lots of other ways too which could be another whole post.

For now finishing my 2016 starts is on my mind.  Here are my Quilty 365 circles hopefully in their last before shot.

I organized them by colours and now have to figure out how to arrange them for sewing together.  I'd also thought about trying to figure out a central medallion to somehow arrange these circles around, if that makes any sense. It would be nice to come up with something clever.  I'll have to do a little research.
 Any ideas, let me know.

And still it snows.  Hubby has been busy keeping our lane way cleared.

The sun was shining and I raced outside to get some sun on snow photos.  Well maybe not raced because by the time I got out, the sun was gone.  So I took this photo instead.  Haven't seen the sun since.

Before I leave you, have you heard of this trend?

Fairy Bread

Image titled Make Fairy Bread Step 5

Here is the recipe as found on Wikihow.

  • 8 slices of fluffy white bread
  • 1/2 cup hundreds and thousands (or colorful sprinkles)
  • 1/2 cup butter (or non-dairy substitute)
Hubby says he'd love to give it a try.