Monday, 9 January 2017

The Crown: Did You Watch?

Worth Every Penny
And Netflix has invested quite a lot of pennies!
Anyone else addicted to The Crown?  I just finished Season 1 and enjoyed every single minute.  I even love the opening credit scene with the molten metal and gold crown sinuously taking form; I can't look away. It is like watching a piece of art form in front of your eyes.

 I am happy to hear there are plans for at least three seasons and maybe up to six.

I am a bit of a royalist and follow a blog about Her Majesty's jewels called From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault. It's there on the right.  I love broaches in particular and love seeing her beauties.  I used to have a collection myself but lost them.
And speaking of the Queen; just now I am a little concerned about her health. Not much has been forthcoming from the palace about her other than the statement she still has a heavy cold and Princess Anne stating briefly that her mother is alright.
I am not a big Prince Charles and Camilla fan soooo....

This is a photo and quote from Heather at The Patchwork Heart, a great crochet site to check out.  Heather has the most wonderful eye for combining colours and making winning afghans in simple stitches.  My kind of designer.


 I always think it is the little things that mean the most.  Sometimes even the tiniest things.  I used to smile whenever I heard the phrase. "Small things amuse small minds."  Yup, that's me.

Have you made a yearly goal?  A "just for 2017" goal?  Or are you making monthly goals?  I've been enjoying reading other peoples' goals not having taken the time to make my own.  Lots of people promising themselves to finish projects but also lots of promises to start whatever new projects strikes one's fancy.

For now finishing my 2016 starts is my goal.
 And on the subject of starts and crochet.
 Here is my crocheted hexagon project.  I finally got my wool and finished crocheting hexagons and edging them all in a white single crochet stitch.  I can't believe how time consuming just that step was.
This is a 7 foot table so I'm happy with the number I made.  I'll use this photo to help guide me when I join them.  I tried to get each colour to sort of trail through the group.

And yes, now to join them.  I can only blame The  Move for how behind I got on a couple of  these projects.  This one should have been wrapped up long ago.  But I loved crocheting hexagons I must say.
  A great little project in front of the t.v. but Rex is not impressed though he did watch me the whole time I was standing on the chair.