Friday, 27 January 2017

What's Calling My Name

I keep forgetting to mention the Quilty 365 circle project is continuing as Quilty 365 (2017) and is now being hosted by Daisy and Jack. I recommend this project as the circles are so much fun to make; a little addictive actually.  Now I can't claim they actually used up all my scraps but they put a dent in the pile which is good.


Another challenge being tossed around amongst stitchers is to complete the number of projects in a year that is that years' number. So folks are hoping to start and complete 17 projects this year.  I'm sure there are many people who will achieve just that.  Not me though.

Here are a couple of my considerations for projects this year. They are calling my name and soon I will settle on the ones I will answer.

Lucy at Attic 24 has begun her third CAL, this one called the" Moorland Blanket".  She is using the very reliable Stylecraft Special DK ( where else can you find a yarn with over 70 colour choices!).  The countryside and lovely heather and hills where she lives were her inspiration for this palette and with the Stylecraft she was able to duplicate each pretty strata.


She is using a Wave crochet pattern.  These shades are definitely calling my name.  Do they speak to you too?

The gentle green shades in that photo reminded me Pantone has announced the colour of the year for 2017 is "Greenery".  It looks full of greeny goodness (as Lucy would say) to my eyes maybe because it looks springish.

                               PANTONE Color Standards
for Creating with Rose Quartz & Serenity

The "Moorland Blanket" project is definitely in the running but I want to knit something next.

  I showed you this Jane Brockett project, a blanket made by knitting scarves and sewing them together.  Jane, btw, was my inspiration for the crocheted hexagon afghan. (Said hexagons are very time consuming to sew together, I'm finding.)  Little did I know when I put this photo in my favourites' list that one day I would have the room to go with the blanket.  LOL

                                   Image result for jane brocket blanket
It is made in simple moss stitch (sometimes called seed stitch I think) so shouldn't be too hard to complete.
Jane's site is Yarnstorm but the last posts are from 2015 so I'm not sure what she is up to these days.
Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

The beautiful Stonefields Quilt!  This one called out to a lot of people it seems from the number of completed quilts that fill the designated Pinterest page.

I confess that in a moment of weakness last year I ordered this pattern set all the way from Australia. ( I don't know what is happening there, but boy do they produce some wonderfully talented designers and quilters and stitchers. ) Susan Smith is one of the many from that part of the world.  I'd seen images of this quilt here and there around the internet for a couple of years and fell in love with the little patterns.

                  Blog photo stonefields quilt Patchwork on Stonleigh:

Then we moved so it got tucked away.  Since then I've gotten it out about 16 times to look at but feel a little daunted by it. I don't think my skills are up to it just yet.  Perhaps when I get a couple more projects under my belt.  So it sits in one of my totes whispering softly to me from time to time.  No it doesn't really do that; that would be so creepy.  LOL

So many choices for projects I'll have to share a Part 2 of this post. I am grateful to the internet for bringing them to my attention. Where would I be without it.

I've brought out my sunny yellow soup pot so making homemade soup will be on the agenda this weekend.  What kind I'm not sure.  Pea soup with dumplings maybe or a bean medley soup.  Or maybe the Mennonite Girls Can Cook version of Cabbage Roll Soup.  It looks delicious and the link is HERE so you can see for yourself.

Hope something fun or maybe good tasting is calling your name this weekend.