Sunday, 29 January 2017

In Which She Discovers Audio Books

I'm not sure why I am so late discovering how great audio books can be.  I know some of you have already mentioned them to me from time to time, but I didn't seem to twig.  Maybe I had a weird notion they were for the sick and shut-ins like we used to think about some things long ago.  I don't know.
  Anyway, broke that barrier this weekend and listened to most of two books while stitching.  I had actually read this one before, Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris but when it began with the reader having such a lovely English accent I felt drawn in. I not only listened while stitching; I listened while chopping vegetables and dusting the house.  How wonderful to be able to sort of read and yet do other things at the same time. (My small mind was quite amused by this.)

I don't know how you feel about murder mysteries.  I like them in their many formats including this one.  I'm now about half way through The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson and it is good fun . It rated a 4.2 out of 5 on Goodreads.

I've promised to take myself in hand and check out the more literary material that no doubt is available on youtube as well.

Here I am listening while proving that I look like I have no eyes when I don't wear eye makeup. But I have to tell you that I am as snug as the proverbial bug, surrounded by the mess that no matter how neat I set out to be I still manage to create in my little sewing room.

The weather outside, while not frightful, was certainly wintry with lots of snowflakes flying about.  Can you tell that my hair is growing out?  I have been stern with myself not to take the scissors to it and want to grow it out so some poor professional will have something to work with. My hair is slow growing so this is taking ages and there is definitely no longer any gold among my silver. LOL

I've been looking through my copy of Gwen Marston's Needlework Designs.  She is fabulous and her designs are lovely. A number of years ago I had worked a set of them in redwork, a very pleasurable time for me. After losing those, I put the book away.  Recently I remembered the designs are also intended for applique so I got the book out to have another look.  Gwen has many books published; have you seen this one?
  Not outrageously complicated, probably my speed at this point in my skill level.  I may have graduated quilting kindergarten.  LOL

January is a long month and seems more so because it is one of our three coldest of the year here in Canada. But is is nearing an end as we work our way out of winter.
Hope this is the start of a great week for you all.