Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Interesting Times and Another Finish

 I did well (for me) with the Christmas stitching in 2016.
But is it just me or do you have loads of threads that must be tucked in after the whole piece is finished.  It took me a number of evenings hand stitching in loose threads on those three hangings and just when I'd think I was done, there would be another one!

Here is another little wall hanging I've pinned up in a corner of the sewing room.
 I recently quilted it with the walking foot attachment.  I'd had this piece as a flimsy for about three years.  It was called " Liberty Coins" in the book I got the pattern from and I think this pattern goes by a number of names.  I had to wash it because it was packed away in boxes in the old basement for some time and I was afraid the mice might have been snuggling up to it. Anyway, the washing didn't hurt it; in fact, it softened the fabrics, the quilting held up and took on a nice older look and the hanging now has a marvelous soft feel to it.

We were at Home Depot recently and I remembered to pick up the paint swatch cards I'd been thinking of doing for ages.  I read on someone's blog they make good use of these when choosing colours for a project.  The shades of each colour are so beautifully coordinated, I can see it could remove some of the guesswork.

I love keeping a few of the Christmas cards around for a while after the season, especially pretty ones like this.  I don't throw any of them out.

I am not political at all and if possible even less so as an older woman.
But so much has been happening in the world, I feel like I have to make mention of some of it in my blog even just as a record. The January 22nd Women's March brought out a lot of people around the world. It was a quite a show of female solidarity. At the Toronto, Canada march, here is our former Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson on the left and author, Margaret Atwood on the right.

                                Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor

  I don't think we should be cursed for living in interesting times.  There is no doubt our times have just gotten much more interesting though a lot of people would use other words to describe it.

                                      Image result for may we live in interesting times

Interesting can be good.