Friday, 20 January 2017

Two Finishes, Three Cooking Hits and One Miss

I am so pleased with myself and my efforts to get things done before starting new projects.  I think you can tell it's been a bit of a struggle to hold myself back. There are so many lovely projects out there swirling around and I've been biting at the bit to jump in.
Instead I've been reminding myself over and over...FINISH, FINISH.  So far, so good.

Crabapple Hill Studio's design, "Shiny and Brite" is all done, quilted and bound.  These will be packed away soon; I just wanted to enjoy it for a few days .

Here is my Blackbird Designs "Strawberry Fields Forever"cross stitch piece.  It was such a treat to stitch.  I did add a few more stitches here and there, changed up the gate a little and also added my daughters' first initials.  I only had the gate area to finish when I paused it for the Christmas stitching so it didn't take that long.  Can you spot the two leaves that need adding?  Can I blame my sad old eyes.

I've pinned it up in the sewing room to remind myself to add them!

My Circles piece is rolling along (ha ha) as well.  I was worried it would look like the proverbial dog's breakfast but it is looking better and better to me.  I'm not used to using such bright colours in abundance in a piece but I'm liking it.

This week I've been in a cooking mood.  One day I made two meals.

 A slow cooker meal of beef stew which really goes down well on a cold winter day.
 I also made something I've never made before....baked spaghetti.  I've made lots of spaghetti but just never treated it as a casserole before.  It was really good.  I used mascarpone cheese instead of  cheddar, cottage or cream cheese and it added a wonderful flavour to the sauce.  Mascarpone cheese is the one used in the famous Italian treats, tiramisu and cannolis,

 I'd love to use it more often.  What have you used mascarpone in?

This little venture in the kitchen meant lots of leftovers so meals for the week were almost but not quite all taken care of.

Yesterday I made a dish  I don't think I'll make again.  It was tomatoes filled with a couscous mixture.  Healthy I imagine but rather tasteless.  I would definitely need to work on the spices part of it if I were to make it again. The tomatoes were also lacking in flavour which didn't help the dish.

 I made cabbage cooked in milk to go with it.  I fried out the cabbage with a little onion in a pan and added the milk a little at a time as it cooked. It took a long time to soften but with a little real butter, salt and more milk, it formed quite a tasty mixture.  I broiled two thick slices of bread and spooned the cabbage over them.  Now this Hubby loved and I must admit I liked it too.  It almost made up for the couscous. Definitely will be making it again.

I mentioned dessert...and I did make one.  I have a photo in the camera and I'll show you Monday.

On a very sad note, the wonderful designer Sue Garman has passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.  I just love her designs which are available still to buy.  I always liked her "All Around the Town" and "Afternoon Delight" patterns in particular and they sit in my favourites list right now.  I've read all her posts and she was extraordinarily brave throughout the treatments and set backs she had to endure.
 Her legacy in beautiful work and designs enjoyed around the world will live on.

        All Around the Town - Full Pattern Set 
        Image result for sue garman afternoon delight pattern

Hope there is something wonderful in your weekend.