Thursday 15 June 2017

Can There Be Too Much to Love

Something in the air when I was gardening has given me mild sinus congestion. This is something I seem to be a little more subsceptible to since moving to Ontario.  I know the spring culprit is the fluffy white bits that float so prettily through the air.  But what a nuisance it is to not be able to breathe as well as one should.  But you know I am not complaining- not really; I am so thankful to be upright, still breathing (however stuffily) and going about my business as usual.

I like this article called  One Woman's Trash is Another Woman's Quilts from Upworthy.  Amazing the talent to use up tiny fabric crumbs and also how wonderful to empower women to help themselves while doing so.


My lilac tree is finally in bloom.  This is a pretty version called Sensation and has a unique feature -the edge of the bloom being a different colour from the rest of the petal. This is called a picotee flower.  How do I know this?  I'm fortunate that the tag is still attached to the base of the tree.  The smell around it is heavenly according to hubby; well he didn't say heavenly, he said nice.

I'm loving my new tablecloth from Ikea.  The flowers mimic cross stitch and are a rosy red colour.

I couldn't resist buying this copy of Simply Vintage magazine. This edition has 21 projects with all the full scale pull out patterns.  At the Quiltmania site you will find how to videos that support some of the projects.  I found that feature wonderful for the Tuesday's Flowers hanging.

 I especially love two of the patterns that caught my eye. And the log cabin is certainly a vintage pattern.

Recently I got caught up on Jennys' posts at Jenny of Elefantz.  I was delighted to see she has made her version of this quilt and isn't it the prettiest thing.  I like it so much.
The link to her post about this hanging and all her other lovely stitching is HERE.

And the other project?  This one and isn't it sweet.  What is it about leaping hares against a night sky that I like.

And the message Follow Your Heart.  And tiny hexies- love them too.

And love to link up with Not Afraid of Color too.

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