Tuesday 13 June 2017

I Just Want to Watch Longmire and Knit

Our weather has been ridiculous.  We went from one of the coldest springs on record to setting a new record for heat a couple of days ago. And it has stayed high ever since...today 35 C with heat warnings.

And here I am to talk about woolly things. But our basement t.v. room is very cool so knitting down there while watching one of my shows is perfect. Last week I kind of binge watched House of Cards.

And don't you find there are times when that is exactly what you want to do...just slip into comfy clothes and knit or stitch in front of whatever t.v. is sort of mindless but amusing.
 A mild antidote to the horrible news we are forced to absorb on a daily basis.

  My knitted scarves bed blanket is moving along.  Here is where it was last weekend.

I have three more scarves ready to stitch to it.

My goal is that it be big enough for our queen sized bed.  No doubt next winter it will be much appreciated though that is hard to conceive of at the moment.

Are you familiar with swing knitting?  Sometimes called short row knitting?  Of course this is new to me but then I'm a novice in the knitting world too. I'm seeing this called tapestry knitting as well.  It is a technique that creates hills and valleys in the knitting and makes it quite decorative.

                                       Image result for tapestry knitting

Ravelry: Knitting the Swing - Swing-Knitting:
Here is a great video that explains the technique rather well. Very creative.

Always something new to learn in the stitching world.

Knitting while walking, now that's clever too.  Love the pretty colours in this painting.

                                             Audrey the Shepherd Lass by Gari Melchers:

I'm linking this post to Sew Can Do where there is quite a show of fantastic crafty happenings.

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