Sunday, 18 June 2017

Stressful and Controversial Quilting...Who Knew!

With my Tuesday's Flowers a flimsy now, I thought my quilting time could be used for my Kathy Schmitz 12 month project, A Patchwork Year.

I had prepped two of the patterns to take on my trip and was pleased to actually finish one while away.  This one is for May and embroidered with back, stem and daisy stitches using my favourite Aurifil red.

Read and reread Kathy's directions for the patchwork bits surrounding the embroidered centres.  All the numbers- oh dear.  Finally realized there are Flying Geese, 4 to each block so I will need 48 of them.  Somewhere to begin.  I used this very good video from McCalls to get me started and followed it closely.

Before long I had 6 little Flying Geese made and was feeling pretty good about it.  Sure this is easy, I told myself.  Pride goeth before a fall, my father used to say.  So the very next set, I do this.  Sew them on backwards.

I don't get angry when I make a mistake; I get disappointed in myself.

Then I had a fresh panic when I thought I'd cut the seam allowance too close on the side points.  But luckily it occurred to me when they were sewn on, I could adjust the triangle part and they would be fine. Whew!
Another little blip when I realized the patchwork around each monthly panel is slightly different...may not need 48 of the Flying Geese after all.  I halted that production and took a closer look at the other blocks.  Yes, it seems each is surrounded by Flying Geese.

Perhaps I will just work on each block as I finish the centers.  I'll show you how this one works out because my goal today, after some garden weeding, is to get May block finished.

Who Knew?!

Who knew this would be controversial. I certainly didn't.

I'm a member of a Facebook group that celebrates hand quilting.  A member who is new to quilting posed a very innocent question about the validity of using cheater cloth, those pre -designed panels in her projects.

Well, I couldn't believe the comments that ensued!  I had no idea we would feel so strongly about a topic. And the debate over what is the difference in piecing, patchwork or quilting, a quilt or a blanket, the validity of hand stitching versus machine, etc.

  I hate snobbishness in any of its forms so I finally felt obliged to comment as well.  I said something like it is the pleasure in the doing that is important and surely that's entirely up to the individual.  (But then I know I will never ever have a juried quilt so maybe that is slanting my thoughts.)

Someone finally said hey Quilting Police, cool it down and thankfully then it shifted to more positive remarks.
But this made me think how blessed at this moment that the only drama in my life is in the sewing room!
And I hope that is the only drama in your life too!

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