Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Strawberry Sundaes and What the Heck!

Love strawberries, do you?

I talked about making something with blueberries last week.  They are still in the fridge waiting.  I got waylaid by the news that the local farm strawberry u-pick was open for business.  Saturday I spent a very happy hour there with Daughter and littler grandson and got to scratch my berry picking itch as it were.
Came home with these and they were so ripe and sweet, we had to have some right away.

We decided to get together for an impromtu supper of "make your own" pizzas.  That's little grandson, Robbie, getting to help spread the toppings.  Three year olds want to 'help' so much.

These were thin crust and so good.
But the highlight was the "make your own" strawberry sundaes for dessert. Yummy!

What a great easy way to have the family together for a meal.

What the heck?!

Now something entirely different.
 One morning last week, from my Pet Chair, I noticed a flurry of bird activity outside on the veranda.  A friend was visiting and I didn't want to interrupt so just sat there meanwhile wondering what the heck was going on outside.

Later got to see this....

Bird nest material brought to each little alcove in the veranda roof.

We counted 13 places where it seemed a nest was begun with the one there at the start brought the furthest along towards an actual nest.
When we arrived here last year, there was a robin's nest at either end of this veranda which meant quite a space between and each bird able to fly off in opposite directions.  That made sense.

But I have no explanation for this...I do know it was more than one bird, appeared to be robins and they were there at the same time.  Very unusual.

Haven't seen a bird there since.
Any thoughts???