Friday, 23 June 2017

June Loves

Breathing easier now; I am so thankful my sinuses cleared. This is a big happy "like" for me.

I'm used to hearing frog sounds at night with living in the country.  At the old place it was peepers and bull frogs.
We have gray tree frogs in our back yard here.  I had no idea they are so noisy! Now that the weather has warmed up, every night they make a racket; however not for long. The first time I heard them, I thought it was a bird in distress and went out with my flashlight to find it.
 This doesn't bother me at all; I like the idea of sharing my space with living creatures.
  Another plus for Hubby and his deafness!

 Click below to hear exactly what we are hearing every night. Wild, heh.

Like lace curtains, I love the old doilies made by older generations. I often rescue them when I spy them at secondhand shops.  This post was in my book marks.  Perfect way to showcase some of the more intricate crocheted pieces. I like this. It can't be that hard to do can it?

                             Related image

Being a Nana is an important part of my life.  I know just how fleeting these hours with the grandsons are and try hard to stay in the moment with them. With this little guy, I talk so much on my day with him that I sometimes have a bit of a hoarse throat when I go home. (Being in the classroom for 30 odd years killed my vocal chords.)  I love how he loves nature too.

Finally a bouquet from my garden.  A little bit of coloured bliss for our wooden house.

I love blueberries and wish I could pick them in the wild like you can in my home province.
I really really miss that.  I have happy memories of picking berries all my life till coming here.
Blueberry desserts abound at home with them used in cakes, squares and puddings and just as toppings with yogurt the way I often eat them.  I intend to make a special dessert with them this weekend.  I'll show you later what it is!

Meanwhile below is my blueberry cake and I've made this recipe so many times.

Here is the link to my cake recipe.

I messed up with the publishing of yesterday's post and today's...reversed them.  I think it's memory loss; Hubby says it's because of my habit of always trying to multitask.  I think I'll go with his version.

I will be linking with Not Afraid of Color and It's a Small Town Life. Really amazing variety of likes and thankful things to be found there!