Sunday, 11 June 2017

A Finish, A WIP and Two Straw Things

Up at my usual time...early, but not quite up to par.  Had a horrid night with very little sleep.  First it was too hot.  Our little bit of heat has caught me off guard and I still had the winter duvet on the bed.  That will get remedied today.

As well, younger daughter was away on a business trip to California and was arriving home at 2 am due to flight delays.  That meant she was doing the Park and Ride in the wee hours which had me worried. Son in law texted at 3 am that she was using the airport valet service so that was a little better but I was so happy when I got the text an hour later that she was home.  I may as well have gone to the airport myself to collect her.

 Even though she is a grown woman, I still worry and I guess that just doesn't stop.

The Finish

It is a real pleasure to have my Tulips project completed and hanging on the wall. I didn't do as much hand quilting as I thought I would-just in each pink part, surprise, surprise but my time babysitting and away kind of took precedence. I wound up doing some echo quilting by machine around each leaf which worked out well.  No hitches with this little project so how good is that.

Thought I'd try one of those artsy type photos of it out on the lawn but the too bright sunshine and the poor quality of our grass at this stage kinda didn't really work.  (Hubby won't like that I'm showcasing this grass...what is it about men and grass!)


I have my Tuesday's Flowers blocks on the wall together and have started cutting the strips and corner stones.  So far, so good. I was a bit nervous when I began this stage.

 About that, I followed the advice that so many of you give...put a new blade in my rotary cutter and measured twice or three times.  This fabric is expensive; I really don't want to mess up.

  I am liking the French General Pondcherry fabric and the grey of it is not overwhelming the flowers.  Seeing these blocks altogether does give me a bit of a surprise.  I didn't realize I had used so much red in them but I like it.  I'm using the order the original Tuesday's Flowers used to line up the rows.

I think this tells something about my nature.  I don't seem to be as cognizant of the ending of things as I should be and get lost in the process.  It even happens in baking with me.  Once I put something in the oven, I can feel finished and only setting a timer will remind me that it's not over yet.  The making of things seems to be where I find the most pleasure.   Does that even make sense?

Two Straw Things

At the second hand store that used to be a church, we found a number of items that suited this house. When I saw this chair, I knew I wanted it for the front veranda.  Finally got it outside and I do like it.

I love bags. I think that is a trait I share with many of you!  It is just about the only accessory that I have to reign myself in when it comes to purchases.  I didn't need another bag, but I liked this one.  Summery and colourful with lots of pinks, blues and greens as well that this overbright photo isn't showing.

Hope there is something colourful to brighten your day!

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