Thursday, 17 May 2018

Air Fryers, Aprons and Stitching

Woken this morning by Rex barking his head off.  We usually have a lone turkey and this was the very first time the whole family showed up. Barkworthy indeed!
The females do not seem that impressed by that male!

Hind View !

Murphy took her usual morning dip in the pond.  She's done this every day since there was a crack in the ice. Cold temps obviously don't bother her.  This greatly enhances her unique doggy smell for the rest of the day!

Rex, on the other hand, hates getting his feet wet, never mind his body.

I like aprons but they haven't made one big enough to cover all I need covered in the kitchen. LOL I am messy!   Aprons seem to be cropping up all over the internet.  Perhaps they are having a resurgence in popularity.  I came across this unique one and thought how great it would be for berry picking or gathering eggs if one were fortunate enough to engage in either of those activities. Oh how I miss berry picking at home!
This is from The Sewing Happy Place where you can see lots of other patterns as well.

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I keep wanting an Air Fryer which I've mentioned before.  I looked long and hard at this big boy.

Wolfgang Puck 7.2-Quart 1700-Watt XL Air Fryer
Anyone using an Air Fryer?  What do you think of it? This one - the Wolfgang Puck model is on The Shopping Channel and is big enough to hold a whole chicken.  There's something about the tidiness of tucking food out of sight and having it cooking away without my attention that really appeals to me.

 My Garden of Contentment piece is now a quilt sandwich thanks to the batting I bought at the Perth Fabric shop. (More about that later.)  I was trying to show in this photo the fabric I used for the blocks.  It was one of those white tone on tones with dragonflies on it which I thought appropriate for this project.  What made me think of it was seeing the first dragonfly of the season yesterday.

And this is me trying out  Free Motion Quilting practice which I've committed myself to for 15 minutes a day till June.  Did you love these shows like I did? Note the hair curlers...amazing how going about your business with your hair in curlers was a trend back in the day.

                         Related image

And when you only want a little piece of cake....?!
I love this little video.  Miniature anything is so cute and to see the way this all gets mixed together just like a regular cake even though so tiny is amazing.

I'm halfway through the Block 5 instructions for my Kathleen Tracy Mystery Friendship Quilt blocks sewing 20 hourglass blocks.  I've also straightened some of the seams where I was trailing to the right at the end of a line of stitching. This little project has been a great opportunity for practicing accuracy.

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