Thursday, 10 May 2018

What Moves You?

We are watching the series Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace on Netflix and enjoying it very much.  An added bonus is seeing how quilts are used throughout.  Grace, a young Irish immigrant to Canada, says there are three quilts every girl should make before she is married...the Pandora's Box, the Tree of Paradise and the Basket. Grace is also sewing a quilt all the while she is telling her story.

 Here is a wonderful  post at Sew Mama Sew explaining the quilts, the meanings and the makers of Grace's quilts along with tutorials for you to make them.

Image result for alias grace photos quilts

My empathy button is turned all the way up while I'm listening to Grace.  During one of her scenes, I had a shiver go all over my body.  Is it because of my own Irish roots, the fact that Grace's accent sounds like Newfoundland to me, or the beauty and poetry in some of the phrases and words.
 I was kind of glad that something still had the power to move me like that actually.

And speaking of having the power to move me...spent some time with the younger grandson where we got to explore the pond, plant some seeds and make ice cream cookie sandwiches, a great hands on dessert for a 4 year old. At one point, he licked the oozing ice cream all around one sandwich and then presented it to me...this is yours Nana. LOL

 We found three of these salamanders which particularly interested him.  He asked if he could pet one which he did very gently.

Keeping it simple and making Piano Keys for a border on my Indigo Snowballs.  Just happen to have a good template to use and I was told that design will contrast nicely but not overpower the main pattern.
Oh Oh
 However, since making this start, I've discovered joining long strips of the fabric and then cutting them would make for greater accuracy and be easier.  Wish I'd learned that sooner! So I'll be checking that out.

My Garden of Contentment is now a flimsy ready to be quilted.  I was reading a post where someone was saying they double the batting so they can achieve a higher loft when quilting.  I realize all the batting I use is kind of flat ...actually I must confess often it is what I have on hand and sew together to make it fit.  Needless to say often this doesn't show stitches very well at all.

Then I remembered this Autumn project I made in 2016 and the batting was much thicker; I seem to remember buying a special batting from Connecting Threads made by Hobbs for it.

I'm following a video on how to use the walking foot in this photo.

I should pay more attention to the details like that.  Do you have a particular batting that you love? Please tell me...especially one for hand quilting.

My brain has been feeling a bit sluggish since my holiday...spent yesterday out in the fresh air which really helped. But pouring rain is a bit of a deterrent today.
Speaking of weather--special reminder to all my friends experiencing extreme heat...hydrate!

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